Expertise and Achievements of Leodis Matthews

Leodis Mathew’s serves before as a federal prosecutor in U.S Department of Justice as well as a Senior Attorney in Civil Division. He even worked both in International Trade Disputes as well as Commercial litigation for the government of the United States. He has also a very remarkable reputation as one of the best special lawyers. His career became a remarkable career to the field of industry. His has been the time’s best lawyers both in local and international law firm field.

Leodis Matthews

After embarking astounding contribution both in congressional and government level, he has decided to continue his goals for serving in private companies while still being involved into different major cases happened in U.S. He, then served as a Special attorney of “Organized Crime and Racketeering Section of the Criminal Division”. There he served as an Assistant Attorney and “Senior Counsel on Congressional Select Committee” (the one that investigated the cases in U.S). His journey of being a lawyer doesn’t end up there because he also studied and practiced law in Germany, specifically in Frankfurt within 15 years and he was then the founding partner of Matthews and Kelso law firm.

Leodis Matthews’s practice focus is about the international transactions and of different litigations. In year 2004, he began his role as a senior consultant in an international law firm which is the Dacheng Law Offices. He continued his career for being a senior consultant until year 2012 and he decided to specialize foreign investments and corporate laws. He became the top legal force in the field of international law. He represented companies and entities from Asian countries, joint ventures, property development, civil litigation and more international transactions that made him become expert in his chosen field.

Leodis Matthews
Leodis Matthews’s expertise in the field of law includes his career for entertainment law that has great impact on deal-making, business ventures, commercial transactions, business laws, real estate law, civil litigation, federal law and more. He is more impressive in dealing with all of the success he made in the field of law because of being capable of being capable of applying his knowledge and skills. In connection with his license, he has his licensed in different courts including Federal DISTRICT Court of Southern California, Western District of Washington and more. All of his licenses make him one of the best and highly qualified lawyers that can give rights and justice in accordance with the law.

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